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Holy Taco’s Tribute To Girls Washing Cars

Here at the Taco, we love tributes.  In the past we’ve paid homage to asses, boobs and thighs.  Today, we decided to show our gratitude to those lovely ladies that enjoy washing cars.  In their bikinis.


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7 Responses to "Holy Taco’s Tribute To Girls Washing Cars"

  1. BoobieLover says:

    I want whatever u guys are getting.

  2. www.fantasyspringscasinoresort.com says:

    uhmmm… my car need a wash… and me too

  3. dane says:

    wow that chick does have a weiner…and these girls are washing some shitty cars…don’t ferraris need to be washed…I mean one of those is like a 1994 Volvo. The one with the black chick in the front and the other girl getting sprayed in the face… yea she is definitely crying.

  4. Mysteryjuan says:

    “washing the chromes on the blues,” Don’t know your name but you have mystery lost in the zon. When your not washing cars I would like you to be my mercedes and I’ll give you a mystery wash.

  5. Anonymous says:

    my penis is pretty dirty, was that please.

  6. Sickpigs says:

    I’m going to go throw shit on my car.


  7. Oatmeal says:

    looks like she has a penis