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Shannon Twins Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her/Them: The Shannon twins are playmates and probably the hottest set of twins the male population knows of.  And if that didn’t get any more epic for you, Karissa now has the most epic Sex tape of all Celebrity Sex Tapes.  Vivid Entertainment…please do your magic.  Karissa…thank you very much.
Pointless Quote: "While I was out of town my dog Ambrocious was taken by the coyotes!


5 Responses to "Shannon Twins Pictures"

  1. Cleanse Body says:

    I tend to fall asleep after the first one.

  2. Shotgunmerc says:

    dem butts

  3. Drooling says:


  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Soooo…. if one was to hypothetically be interested in seeing said homemade video, where would one look for?

    Hypothetically speaking, of course. Ehem!