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Shay Maria Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: My god, Shay Maria is too hot for her own good.  She’s an up and coming internet model who hands down has the perfect body…and boobs.  According to her Myspace page, she’s a fun loving girl who enjoys having fun.  Don’t we all, Maria…don’t we all.
Pointless Quote: "If I’m not dancing, I’m kickin’ it like a vato."


27 Responses to "Shay Maria Pictures"

  1. mclovin says:

    it is the hair cut tat messes up the face. also *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fpa fap fap fpa fapfa fap*

  2. Wowzers! says:

    I dont know what ya’ll are talking about, this girl is hot!

  3. TIT HUNTER says:


  4. alexander says:

    ur so beautiful,wish i can meet u n person

  5. dinges says:

    an ugly face? ugly hairstyle? the hairstyle is for the funny bathingsuit, and her face is real sexy:D, if you think not, then she’s not your ‘style’.. or you’re just an asshole tbh

  6. Boob Man says:

    The full term is Vato Loco. It loosely translates to crazy dude. Used to be a big gang in LA Vatos Locos. Google Shay Maria images to see all her photos. The one piece bathing suit photo above isn’t one of her better shots. Judging from her eyelids I’d guess she’s part Asian in addition to giant 19 year old boobs.

  7. arsenic demitasse says:

    Damn, you guys must really be that shallow. Kinda sad really.

  8. mittens the kitten says:

    ulgy face but i love her funbags!

  9. Anon12327 says:

    WTF is wrong with you

  10. Andy says:

    I totally agree with mittens.. the face has room for improvement

  11. DonkeyXote says:

    It’s that fugly hair cut that ruins her face.

  12. FrAnKtHeMoFoTaNk says:

    Get out short hair is sexy in my opinion im tired of long haired girls >:|

  13. Son Of Tucson says:


    2007 phoned…they want their terminology back.

  14. Peener says:

    What’s a vato?

  15. Ann T Christ says:

    It’s DUCK in italian you stupid fuck!

  16. Panty Sniffer says:


  17. Peener says:

    Please, as if you didn’t have to google it.

  18. that.guy.on.the.couch says:

    i just wanna cry

  19. pratik says:

    Poster girl for the “With tits like this… who needs an ass” shirt.

  20. FrAnKtHeMoFoTaNk says:

    But shes got both :D

  21. Dipstick says:

    must be a He/She.. looks gay to me.

  22. DonkeyXote says:

    Check out that major chew-up on the fabric by her crotch!

    Shouldn’t have borrowed her mum’s swimming suit!!

  23. anoniem says:

    How else was she going to find a bathing suit that had enough room for her boobs?

  24. JAY says:

    She is really pretty in person & it so crazy that we went highschool together.

  25. clubf00t says:

    check out her model mayhem profile for more pics, cuz shes insanely hot http://www.modelmayhem.com/504058

  26. Fartbag says:

    Epic boobehs are so epic..