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She Looks Like She Has To Pee….HOT!


24 Responses to "She Looks Like She Has To Pee….HOT!"

  1. sweeeetet says:

    she’s asian. and sexy

  2. HHHHHHHH says:

    dont like the face? YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE IT YOU MORON!!! and anyways my dad always told me when I was growing up…..”son, you don’t fuck the face!”

  3. u812 says:

    holy fuck, that bitch is HOT!!!!!!!!!
    i dont care what you think it is, if she had a dick
    i would suck it dry just to get at that pussy..

  4. jon van winkle says:

    Fish eye lens is my vote also. I think the woman is black or African American blood in her. You see the broad nose. I find her very attractive! What is with these people on here talking about such homo-bullshit 4?? Is that what this is about,I dont think so….Phil Jones needs to find a tall bridge or go play in traffic on the I 10 freeway,how bout it Phil? Oh yea…Is it Black, Afroamerican,People of color or what do you call…well the Black folk now? Or what is the thing that they like to be addressed as now,describing their long forgotten homeland? Just want to be politically correct talking to the Brothers….I call myself white,but since spring I have a tan now so Im not exactly white…Damn, My skin in winter is white, but well fuck it.

  5. Anonymouz says:

    Don’t like the face. Really don’t.

  6. RGR says:

    You answered your own question didn’t you…

    And this part of the world responds back to you in kind.
    In other words,’Back At You’

  7. Train says:

    Is that a changing room. Are you kidding me some S#ithead is in a changing room with this chick and im sitting in my dead end job. F the world

  8. Anonymously ill says:


  9. Phil Jones says:

    Pft! No shit! Indian Annihilator should shut up before i slap my cock on it’s mouth. Why “it”? Because it could be a shemale fingering and stroking itself off to these comments. That turns me on! I wanna’ suck it off and have it cum in me too!

  10. pratik says:

    Does she make that face when someone fingers her brownhole?

  11. pratik says:

    Because when I finger mine I just make O-faces and my turban comes a little loose.

  12. The Indian Annihilator says:

    why don’t you go fuck yourself in the ass you fucking stinky punk ass bitch curry muncher. Don’t make come down after you top guy, I will literaly fuck you up and carve you up like a fucking thanksgiving turkey and then give you a blood transfussion just to keep your silly ass alive and keep annihilating your stink ass. So lay off the onions, papikra and cummins if you don’t want me to find. go reak somewhere else fucking Apu-bitch!

    dank yoo berry maech and pleez kam agen!

  13. B(O)(O)BS says:

    Sakaya Ando

  14. Philosomapher says:

    Wtf is wrong with her hands.

  15. ggggg says:


  16. I love my pene says:

    A penis used to be there before the photoshop work.

  17. gimp says:

    fish-eye lens maybe

  18. fuckmyass says:

    agreed. she even had to hold her boobs together so that they look bigger.

  19. Bill Murray says:

    she’s not attractive. long scraggly fingers with a weird face. reminds me of auditions for the girl in the ring.

  20. Joe the Asshole says:

    Fapping to it… Thank you Holy Taco!!!

  21. republicanamerican says:

    i think shes a nip! still would do her

  22. gimp says:


  23. Phil Jones says:

    I’d let her finger my brownhole with those long fingers of hers. I bet she could go real deep inside me!

  24. yxofxotcogcg45696 says:

    die bill murray it’s photoshoped