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Shop Rite Won’t Make A Cake For Li’l Adolph Hitler. But Wal-Mart Will.

adolf hitler three years old young wal mart birthday cake
This kid’s name is actually Adolf Hitler. No, really. And his parents are mad because their local Shop Rite wouldn’t make li’l Adolf a cake with his name on it for his third birthday. According to lehighvalleylive.com:

JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so. The Holland Township couple has picked those names and the oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, turns 3 today.

This has given rise to a problem, because the ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township has refused to make a cake for young Adolf’s birthday.

 "We believe the request … to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate," said Karen Meleta, a ShopRite spokeswoman.

"ShopRite can’t even make a cake for a 3-year-old," said Deborah Campbell, 25, who is Heath’s wife of three years and the mother of the children. "That’s sad."

The grocer offered to make a cake with enough room for the Campbells to write their own inscription. But the Campbells refused, saying they would have a cake made at the Wal-Mart in Lower Nazareth Township. The Campbells say Wal-Mart made cakes for Adolf’s first two birthdays.

A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart said the store won’t put anything illegal or profane on a cake but thinks it’s important to respect the views of customers and employees.

"Our No. 1 priority in decorating cakes is to serve the customer to the best of our ability," Anna Taylor, the spokeswoman, said from Bentonville, Ark.

Isn’t it great that Wal-Mart will forego any concerns for decency in order to make $13 on a birthday cake?  It’s refreshing to see someone take a stand for the little (racist) guy.

But I was left wondering, if Wal-Mart would put "Adolf Hitler" on a cake, could ANYONE walk in and get their name on a special birthday cake? Oh, and did I mention that my name is "Wal-Mart Loves To Suck Big Fat Donkey Cocks"? Here’s what my Wal-Mart cake looks like:

wal mart adolph hitler birthday cake


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14 Responses to "Shop Rite Won’t Make A Cake For Li’l Adolph Hitler. But Wal-Mart Will."

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is just sad that people like that are allowed to reproduce…Did you see all three of the kid’s names? These parents must be filled with Pure Hate…Pathetic!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    With all the Hatred Hitler caused I couldn’t
    imagine naming my Adolph Hitler. that just sick.

  3. sad that whores have to sell themselves says:

    wow…its sad when a chick has to sell herself as a sex symbol in order to get attention and even then her face is still fugly!

  4. sad that whores have to sell themselves says:

    its sad when chicks have to sell themselves as sex objects in order to get attention

  5. Kryptonite000 says:

    Well, at least he’s cute… I mean, in a mass genocide of a race kind of way.

  6. Dom says:

    Wow. Another couple who should not be allowed to reproduce. I like how the mother said “that’s sad” about them not making the cake.

    What’s sad is your kids retarded names and the fact that you’re alive.
    And your husband is probably fucking your sister.

  7. Exile says:

    It’s not Wal Mart’s fault that this kid’s parents are retards.

  8. nodoczerodownteaser says:

    “Our No. 1 priority in decorating cakes is to serve the customer to the best of our ability,” Joseph Goebbels Auschwitz Von Rudolph Hess, the spokeswoman, said from Bentonville, Ark.

  9. Edwordrules says:

    DAMMIT, i knew i should not have changed my name to Edword, i miss being called Pontius Pilate. i miss getting birthday and chistmas presents at the same time =(

  10. Pratik says:

    That was ridiculous. Who the fuck names their kid ADOLF HITLER? We need a final solution for idiots like these.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what kind of fucked up parents name their kid Adolf Hitler?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “The Campbells say Wal-Mart made cakes for Adolf’s first two birthdays.”

    Then why didn’t they go there again? Nazis be crazy, yo!

  13. Thallia says:

    If I worked at a cake store and got this request, I’d make the cake, because the poor lick f*cker deserves all the happiness he can get at this point — he’s in for a rough life thanks to his douchebag parents.

  14. Kamil says:

    Id put special ingredients in that cake