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Stuff flying into crowds: A Gallery

People make some pretty awesome faces when something large, and hard, is flying at them at an incredibly fast pace.  Every once in a while, someone snaps a picture when that happens, and the result, is a pretty interesting portrait of the pussiness of man’s fight or flight response.


39 Responses to "Stuff flying into crowds: A Gallery"

  1. eknks says:

    Finally something funny. Redeemed yourself! hilarious

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  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Horny Chick says:

    I don’t know about stuff flying in the crowd, but these XXX Movies are full of stuff flying in hot girls faces!

  4. Anonymous says:

    No thats Hiro and Ando from Heros…

  5. Ontopoyamamma says:

    I nominate the above for comment of the week.

  6. matt says:

    i take offense to that sir. i’m an asshole and i hate soccer.

  7. Kyle says:

    ahh horny chick you always know just what to say

  8. Pierre says:

    the reason people look surprised at baseball games is that they are half asleep most of the time, that or drunk.

  9. Skummer says:

    I concur.

  10. trimao says:

    oh i get it

  11. Seanchez says:

    No son, being anonymous is for assholes.

  12. Anonymous plays with my balls says:

    Only Assholes call it soccer!!

  13. Anonymous plays with my balls says:

    Anyone notice how in the first picture that dad is protecting himself and putting his daughter in front of him. LOL too funny

  14. bonzoello says:

    Dude! Is that William Hung in the last picture? Look at it!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh wait i didn’t realize there were multiple asians… yeah you might be right…

  16. Anonymous says:

    I know all asians look alike, but man that is a shitty comparison… you sir are a racist

  17. Anonymous says:

    No, that’s Jackie Chan.

  18. Anonymous says:

    No that’s a basketball player.

  19. Anonymous says:

    me chinese me make joke me take peepee in your coke

  20. vaffanculo says:

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That one will never get old! :-D

  21. Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty comical that you pointed out the one guy sitting right underneath the players ASS!!! Nice job homo.

  22. Mary Lynn says:

    All Asians DO look alike. All homos look at butts. And all men look at tits. Common knowledge folks.

  23. Lindzi Burke says:

    omg these pics are mad funny… i like the one w the guy on the ground with his eyes closed and tongue out.. priceless!

  24. Anonymous says:

    good stuff. you should check out http://WWW.SQUIBCRIB.COM for more funny crap.

  25. Dick Tucker says:

    That bull needs to wipe its ass. Goddamn.

  26. Bull's ass says:

    Your face needs to be wiped.

    From existance.

  27. Daniel Wired says:

    I can’t help to laugh at people who do the whole “First” thing… it’s like watching a proud retard

  28. !! says:


  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know Chris Tucker was still alive…let alone trying to catch wrestling chairs in his spare time…

  31. Anonymous says:

    am i First yet?

  32. DueceOnYoFoHead says:

    holy fuck right on the jaw.

  33. Anonymous fatty says:

    Finally something funny. Redeemed yourself! hilarious

  34. Anonymous says:

    you missed the picture of eric cantonas foot flying into the crowd

  35. Anonymous says:

    No hockey pucks, I’m not impressed. Except the one dude flexing as he’s hit with a baseball.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Blow me.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I have sea monkeys stuck in my penis.

  38. Dick Tucker says:

    I guess that’s better than sticking your penis in sea monkeys. Wait, maybe not …