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The Situation VS Fast Food Nation

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28 Responses to "The Situation VS Fast Food Nation"

  1. supermanlymangunowner says:

    that twat waffle is wearing rosary beads and i bet he doesn’t even know how to say the rosary.

  2. aaron mclaughlin says:


  3. Phil Jones says:

    Go fuck yourself Aaron. Your 2in penis doesn’t impress anyone. Not even asians. Anyway! Fuck The Situation. He is the toejam of my infected yellow big toe. That fat guy tho. MM MM MM! What i would do to get under his flabby dunlap and suck the sweat from there. Mmm! P.S. FUCK YOU Aaron! Suck my puss covered balls!

  4. lol says:


  5. Pauly D says:

    Shouldn’t you say that he’s the GWEE-TOEJAM of your infected yellow big toe?

    GET IT?!



    In other news, I can’t get enough of this video with the chick grabbing tools from her tittays. Today alone, I’ve watched it at least 437 times.

  6. republicanamerican says:

    fuck italians! go back to were you came from! this is USA, AMERICA, give us a bad name, not american, and your stupid anchor babies

    proud supporter Palin 2010!

  7. Autumn says:

    Okay, the fact that you said that about Italians makes me laugh. Technically, no one is originally from America besides the Native Americans, so whatever you are maybe you should go back to where your ancestors came from. You make no sense what-so-ever, not all Italians are “Guidos” and the people who give America a bad name are the people who live there: everyone, not just Italians. And Palin is a dumb bitch who would have ran down our country even more than it is now. Get a life.

  8. Phil Jones says:

    republicanamerica can suck Autumns butthole! Mine too! THEN get the fuck out of this country. Because you don’t really know anything about it. Oh you’re “American”? Hey did you know the word America was derived by an Italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci? Whu? Didn’t graduate 8th grade? Fucking shit why am i telling you then you stupid cunt. Heil immigrants! Mostly asians because they make good fried rice and egg rolls.

  9. republicanamerican says:

    I’m Cherokee so… FUCK YOU BITCHES!

  10. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    “give us a bad name”

    George W. Bush and Jeffrey Dahmer must have been of Itaian anscenstry, huh?


  11. Rowan says:

    The Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci? More of a map maker for the Portuguese and Spanish that happened to be from Italy. Even then he was considered a douche for naming the land after himself on his map when he couldn’t even pilot a boat.

    Classic Italian douche. I’m sure he had great abs.

  12. MOUSE says:

    What the fuck’s an egg roll ?

  13. republicanamerican says:

    im not indian, i did not write that, i will contact this website, someone hacked my acount, indians should go back too! this is america! wont let NOBAMA take my guns or my right

  14. Jim Deeno says:

    LOL, fast food joints on every corner, fast food commercials dominating kids channels, what do we expect?


  15. DonkeyXote says:


    What the fuck is up with you guys? There’s barely anything worth reading or looking at.

  16. Phil Jones says:

    You can look at my balls after you suck on them Donkey. Get on your knees you ballsucking whore!

  17. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    SICK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Phil Jones says:

    I want to grab your hard cock down at the balls and fuck it with my mouth! We can do a Jizz in my Mouth remix!

  19. Phil Jones says:

    Er republicanamerican are you just claiming that because we called you out? What a POSER! You FAIL at figuring out what the hell you are ethnicity-wise. Everyone here knows you aren’t even Cherokee shit. You just claim it because you saw Last of the Mohicans earlier or fucking Pathfinder. I’m surprised you haven’t claimed you’re VIKING too! What a sack of dog shit. Go be a wannabe’ somewhere else. Dicklicker.

  20. Phil Jones says:

    Idiot. A kindergartener with a soggy diaper has more intelligence than YOU and that idiot republicanamercan has combined. I speak for myself that THE! first ever motherfucking explorers weren’t the fucking italians. They were the ones that FIRST settled on the motherfucking lands. I’m pretty sure you know what i’m trying to say here Sherlock.
    If italians are so inferior and such douchebags, those “mapmakers” wouldn’t have given your stupid asses shit to look at for directions. Typical ignorant douchebag there yourself Donkey. For someone that isn’t “Italian” you sure do act like them. You as well republicanamerican. Maybe you two should makeout while i stroke my boner watching you. C’mon! Turn the heat up you sexy bastards!

  21. Phil Jones says:

    On a side note! it is kind of weird how YOU, Donkey even KNOW what fetishes AND masochism even mean. That makes me wonder how sick YOU are when you read my comments and fondle yourself as you type. The thought actually makes me hot and bothered. I want to go to your place and lick the keys on your keyboard as you type. Maybe suck your fingers too? Ooo! Hawt! I see your BONER popping up in your pants LAWLz!

  22. Ñema Pará says:

    Phil SHUT HE FUCK UP! you and Donkey are so fucking annoying, republicanamerican is a Troll, he makes comments to annoy idiots like you.

    I honestly believe that if you guy see each other in person you are going to create a new era of really disgusting porn.

  23. Phil Jones says:

    Well NO SHIT Nema! Why do you think we’re online? So we can recruit people for a sausage orgy! Since you want to join in it’s only fitting you get the train run on your ass! You bring the lube tho since it’s your initiation. Freak :P

  24. I have big boobies and a hairy pussy says:

    The fact that these douches look at the same picture after commenting already, just to see who responded to their comments, leads me to believe they surely are in a dark room with empty chip bags laying around, half full cans of hot soda, amature porn playing in the back ground, and dirty cum rags on the floor. Get a life dumbasses…

  25. Travis Bucharest says:

    What does that make you? You are also online commenting on a message board with these idiots. Put down the Cheetohs fatass and go outside. Civilization awaits you.

  26. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    “Everyone here knows you aren’t…”

    Dwight, why do you insist in speaking for everyone else? I don’t know if “republicanamerican” is in fact a Cherokee, so on more logical grounds your argument is INVALID, given that at least one motherfucking person – that being me – does not fucking know if republicanamerican is in fact a motherfucking Cherokee.

    What is clear however is that Phil Jones IS IN FACT Dwight K. Shrute, given the obvious commonalities in logic, speech and that peculiar fascination with paraphilias surrounding everything to do with feces, transvestic fetishism and masochism.

    SICK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymousy says:

    lol the vain faguido is checking himself out even while the picture is being taken.

  28. pratik says:

    Fat guy who is proud of bring blubberous vs. Guido…

    I don’t know who is more annoying.