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Sivan Krispin Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: My god, Sivan Krispin sounds like the name of a bad guy in an awesome Chuck Norris movie, but really it’s the name of this ungodly hot chick above.  An Israeli-American model, Sivan has posed in numerous magazines and ads, most notably Playboy.
Pointless Quote: "I’d say my hard work is finally paying off and it feels good!"


19 Responses to "Sivan Krispin Pictures"

  1. my name here says:

    I know her personally and she is the sweetest girl ever! Her myspace is nothing like how she is! Rare to find beauty and heart nowadays but this girl is the whole package. you all are haters!

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Ewww, hot women!

    I’ll stick with trannies and sequential hermaphrodites!

    Oh, and yes fuckwit that has been stalking me, it’s mainly my tranny mom and sequential hermaphrodite sister!

  3. julio says:


  4. thisgirl says:

    She is very sexy and hot, I love her very much. Recently I found she posted many her nice photos on blackbbwcupid.com. I am wondering what kinds of relationship she wants to seek? Friendship? Marriage?

  5. pratik says:

    Yup, because a hot chick from Israel belongs on a site that features women that are fat and black.

  6. twitch says:

    what kinda jackass do you gotta be to meh that (fapfapfapfap)

  7. pratik says:

    I’m waiting for some jackoff to say “meh” to this post.

  8. Some Jackoff says:


  9. dat coo ass doo says:


  10. Ben Hur says:

    She’s israli?!? No shit!

    Why did she not just go ahead and get her nose done when she got her tits done?

    Still fapping to it, i’m just saying.

  11. Anonymousy says:

    I wanna put my big Goyim beef in her Kosher Taco without wearing a Yarmulke on my Rosen Whitestain.

  12. I Write, You Hate. You Lose says:

    Lol at all the sandy cock sucking jews in this post.

    Hot? Hell No.
    Sexy? Not even close.
    Body made for fucking? Yeah, but no talking and no face to face. Plus, double wrap my dick so I don’t get any dirty jew diseases.

  13. You're a Douche says:

    Aren’t you the cock suck who went all Al Sharpton on somebody for sending some black bitch to the back of the bus? Then you go all Louis Farrakhan on the Jewish hottie? Do you see the irony here dumb fuck?

  14. You Mad? says:

    No. He’s actually the guy that went Mandingo on your mom’s sloppy, liver spotted pussy and then pulled a Polish Toboggan on her protracted ass. This was all while your father made him a sandwich in a maid’s outfit with a toaster shoved up his ass.

    You mad, sandy cock guzzler?

    I agree with the OP, she is meh.

  15. Some Jerk Off says:

    Wow, now SHE is seriously HOT dude. You got it right this time HT.


  16. FuckingA says:

    Why can’t all chicks look like this?

  17. MrKillson says:

    Cause there needs to be ugly ones to fuck you.

  18. joey says: