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Snoop Dogg Caught With Weed? Whaaa?

Here’s how you know cops are really, really, really, bored:

Snoop Dogg’s tour bus was stopped by police yesterday afternoon,
and two of the singer’s entourage were arrested for marijuana possession.

In an unrelated story, a new study finds that men masturbate.

Actually, I find this story pretty shocking. How did they only find two ounces of weed on his bus? I feel like that much falls out when you open the door. If they only found two ounces, that means he was hiding another 198 ounces somewhere else. I couldn’t figure out where, until I saw this family photo:

12 Responses to "Snoop Dogg Caught With Weed? Whaaa?"

  1. Seth says:

    I guess you could say ‘only’ two ounces of weed, but for someone who only smokes and not sells, then thats plenty, even for snoop dogg. snoop dont want his herbals gettin stale, im sure he has someone re-up for him regularly with some fresh nuggets.

  2. supermanlymangunowner says:

    check out the high top fade on his kid, FRESH

  3. Mark's Right says:

    man F*** That.
    Do NOT f*** with the Snoop dogg.

    are they trying to be idiots? or does that come naturally to police…

    S N O O P With P O T? W H AAAAAAA?

    *WTB sticker with cop immunity, will pay 50,000.. PST

  4. nate says:

    calling snoop out for smoking weed is like calling a retarded kid for double dribbling in basketball – you just gotta let some sh*t slide

  5. Henry says:

    2 ounces of snoop bud is enough for a whole trip I bet. They probably pay like 300 an ounce for that. It’s top notch bud.

  6. Bert says:

    thank you for your opinion henry the weed expert. i wouldn’t have known how much an ounce was or that it was top notch bud if you had not shared your weed knowledge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just leave a brotha alone, man! He ain’t hurting anyone.

  8. Jesse says:

    I dont think that is correct henry. i smoke blunts of the dankest heads.
    two ounces would probably last snoop for a day maybe two.

  9. Queef says:

    snoop has expressed, in a couple videos ive seen, that he can outsmoke almost anyone. He has talked about smoking ounces by the sitting with people until everyone cuts out. The man is high all day, dont you see his interviews lol. Funny guy though. Fuck Bill O’Rielly! I would love to get high with the guy, im sure he has some high quality bud.

  10. HA!!! CANADA WHAT B*T@H#$!!!! says:

    It wasn’t even his weed it was 2 other guys on the bus that were charged for it. Snoop can not outsmoke anyone. I smoke 3 ounces a day, i just typed about it so it must be true. Rappers talk about making millions off of selling Cocaine and Crack so that must be true to right? You must still be pretty uninformed to think any of it is true, the rap scene now is basically the new WWF. A bunch of ordinary people dressed up instead of being a huge wrestler. Its all fake and you will eventually see it. And if you did smoke weed you would know that snoop isnt the only source to get some high quality greens. Canada is where its at.