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So Here’s That Video of Lady Gaga Being Barfed On at SXSW

(Apologies: The full video has been pulled by FUSE, but here’s six seconds of the money shot. We’ll update this post if the complete video resurfaces, because you really ought to see it.)

During a performance last night at the SXSW festival in Austin, pop superstar Lady Gaga was vomited on — intentionally! — while doing a rendition of her song “Swine.” The person who puked on Gaga was Millie Brown, a “vomit painter” (swear to God) who wandered around the stage chugging what appeared to be Moon Mist, but was actually a bottle of some non-toxic neon green liquid that she proceeded to barf up onto Gaga midway through the tune. “I WON’T PLAY BY YOUR FUCKIN RULES!” Gaga screams before bashing out an aggressive dance beat on a makeshift drum kit and getting puked on.

Lady Gaga is a Garbage Pail Kid come to life. She is GG Allin with less subtlety. She refuses to play by the rules that you (“SOCIETY”) never gave her in the first place. Most likely, she saw what Miley Cyrus did on the Bangerz tour and started feeling nervous and scared about her own relevance in the year 2014. Getting puked on is “pushing the envelope” because it’s literally the only thing that Madonna didn’t already do on stage 20 years ago.

I don’t want to pass judgment on the desperate lengths that celebrities will go to retain the fame that they claim to hate, but if you were at that SXSW performance in Austin and you came away “inspired” by Lady Gaga’s “art,” you are out of your goddamned mind. I’m not judging her, I’m judging you.

I mean, Jesus Christ people.

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