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Some Toxic Avenger Sunday Awesomeness

This Toxic Avenger clip is a pretty good illustration of why Troma Films is so awesome: Troma bad guys don’t just rob diners; they rape girls, too.  Blind girls.  And they kill the blind rape victim’s seeing eye dog first.  And the dog has a loveable name, like Gary.  Then the bad guy gets beaten to death with his own ripped off arm.  Hey, you don’t become the best shitty movie production company in the world by being lazy and stupid, right?

12 Responses to "Some Toxic Avenger Sunday Awesomeness"

  1. Sgt. kabukiman says:

    Look Frank, Teeny Boppers!!!!

  2. philosopher=vag says:

    I bet you masturbate constantly. And when your tiny little pee pee gets raw you come here to comment, which apparently is all fucking day. Please tell me to go kill myself now, it will further demonstrate that you are 14.

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. Pssst … your heart’s in the right place, but that wasn’t really him.
  • philosopher says:

    cool vid….you guys better keep your fuking mouths shut, i dont want any problems

    -the original philosopher, fighting to legalize child rape.

  • pratik says:

    Must… torrent… NOW.

  • justin says:
    I think you’re right about that.  SO awesome.
  • mezzanine says:

    If I remember correctly, this isn’t just a diner, it’s a Taco Bell.

  • notary public says:

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  • m3 says:

    I beg to differ. A few of the Toxic Avenger movies were the shit. They started sucking when they became less graphic and showing less boobs.

    Nevertheless, this is an excellent scene. Superb taste, Holy Taco.

  • Alex says:

    Hell Yeah, Toxic Avenger is the shit. All of the movies are badass.

  • tim rob says:

    lol since u guys like the video.. watch this too ;) http://tinyurl.com/qk8gdb

  • Toxie says:

    I,for one, am not impressed by this low budget,exploitive documentary based on my life.
    Being a monster of superhuman size and strength is not nearly as awesome as portrayed.
    For example, i am deadly allergic to making posts with entirely correct grammar on forums.

    Once i had to go to the E.R.