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‘Somersault Kissing’ Is Basically China’s Version of Daggering

(The girl-on-girl yoga kiss at 0:38-0:40 is my favorite, but what can I say, I love yoga. / Props: thatsonline)

On Monday, we showed you guys an amazing highlight reel of Jamaican “daggering,” a long-running dance craze that’s a cross between frantic dry-humping and hardcore wrestling. However, teenagers in China care not for the dagger — they have their own high-impact stunt-humping called “somersault kissing,” and it’s kind of awesome.

First dubbed the “stir-fry kiss” by Nanfang Insider last week, the acrobatic smooch-meme has gotten so much attention in China that the Chinese Ministry of Public Security had to issue a warning about the high risk of injury associated with the move. (“Please do not rashly try this. Don’t use your life to make a show of your love!”)

Not to brag, but hormone-charged American teenagers have been flip-kissing for at least a year. But hey, we’ll let China have this one. Watch the video above to see some of the best examples of somersault kissing, and check out the GIFs below for a few examples of somersault-kisses that didn’t quite work out.

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