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Something For The Ladies – A Gallery

Lately we’ve been getting complaints from the three female readers we have. It seems that they’re unhappy we always have galleries of half naked chicks, and never galleries that they would enjoy. Well, here’s one for the ladies.


28 Responses to "Something For The Ladies – A Gallery"

  1. Allison says:

    The dick IS the point…frankly if a dude has a nice ass and strong shoulders, but his dick is too small and/or doesn’t work….fuck that.

    - A lady.

  2. Justin Wilson says:


  3. Cat man due says:

    now i’m all tingly in my girly parts! Thanks!

  4. AgentOrange says:

    It’s about time us ladies got to see some dongs!

  5. Stick says:


  6. Claynoidial says:


  7. Grrl says:


  8. girl4 says:

    haha brilliant.

  9. Girl says:

    Here’s Another Lady :-)

  10. Ilovefood says:

    lol at the last one

  11. Katie says:

    Still like tits better, i mean, and I”m not even all gay.

  12. CyraEm says:

    Tip for guys: The dick is not the point. Try arms and ass. Most girls will kill for a great ass and I swoon over strong shoulders.

  13. EK1989 says:

    Oh come on HT! Nice snow dick though :P

  14. pratik says:

    The fire penis was pretty impressive.

  15. *BELLLLLCH* says:

    That advice is GOLD. I can’t thank you enough for that, since A) I care very deeply what you think, B) no one fucking knows that already, and C) I come to sites like Holy Taco for fucking DATING advice. Please feel free to continue offering opinions nobody asked for.

  16. laurie says:

    i am a lady reader and i much prefer the babes! thanks!!

  17. rhanebrennalynn says:

    Agreed! Strong shoulders and a nice ass can suck my non-existant dick. Penis: win.

  18. ThatGuy says:

    I love you. Marry me.

  19. Cat man due says:

    seriously, or a guide to making sammichs

  20. donkey punch says:

    i thought for sure i’d see a washer and a dryer in one of these pictures. what kind of a woman would enjoy a picture gallery without home appliances in it?

  21. ph1losopher says:

    Dude, I totally wanna bang every one of these pictures while I touch myself

  22. phil o' sopher says:


  23. Freud says:

    The 8th picture is philosopher.

  24. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    I showed this to my mom and she didn’t laugh… and she is a ladie.

  25. a lady says:

    I can speak for me and my girlfriends that there is suprisingly a lot more than 3 ladies that visit your site. thanks for the laugh! reminds me of Jonah Hill’s character is Superbad, always drawin’ dicks!

  26. philosopher says:

    i cannot thank you enough, this was the greatest gallery, i have ever seen.

    except the 5th pic from the bottom, i don’t like that one.

  27. shutup fag says:

    hahahaha last picture

  28. the philosopher says:

    hmmm…Freud would have a hay day with this