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Spider Man Will Give You AIDS

It seems like foreign ad campaigns seem to get their point across much better than ones in the US. This French anti-AIDS campaign has taught me that I should probably use a condom the next time I have sex with Spider Man (which happens more than I’d care to admit.) The ones in the US have only taught me to not have sex with Magic Johnson and Tommy “The Gun” Morrison (which also happens more than I’d care to admit.)

But, honestly, who can resist this guy?

5 Responses to "Spider Man Will Give You AIDS"

  1. Batboy says:

    Why did you go and cover up the good part! Wanted to see the AIDS penis

  2. I’d go out and pick up some AIDS right now if I knew it’d lead to me banging a chick that looks more like the top photo and less like my usual ride, whom doesn’t look much better than the bottom photo.

  3. Batboy says:

    I feel you, brother

  4. Batboy says:

    all i can bang is ugly chicks. sucks.

  5. LOL! That spider is hot. I’d let him between my legs any time. Not sure about the guy in tights tho.