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Srsly Guyz, The Oxford English Dictionary Is Totes Cool Now!

Updated Dictionary
Hey Y’all,

JSYK, the cool kidz over here at the Oxford English Dictionary are really hip and with it. When you hear “Oxford English Dictionary”, you don’t usually picture an office full of cutting edge, youth culture savvy people, but GUESS WHAT? Ur def wrong! You probably think we’re a bunch of old men sitting at grey desks wearing corduroy blazers with suede elbow pads. Like we’re a bunch of bearded profs or something! LOL. That’s srsly not the case. Just 4 example, right now, I’m wearing a Gap jeans with a Pearl Jam t-shirt and some Skechers AND, we’re listening to Michael Buble’s greatest hits on the office stereo system. Does that sound like an office full of boring old people?

We’re making the dictionary cool again, dudes! Did you read the newspaper? (JK! We know nobody reads newspapers ne more, LOL.) You probably saw it in a tweet or something, but in case you’ve been living in your parents’ basement for the past week, we’ve made a few new additions to our rag.

That’s right, now OMG, LOL, FYI, IMHO and BFF are real words. The nerds over at Webster’s tried to tell us that they were actually acronyms. We looked up the definition of “acronym” in our dictionary, and it turns out the people over at Webster’s were totes right. But whatevs. We looked up the definition of “old dullard” in the Oxford English Dictionary and there was a picture of Noah Webster himself, LOL. IMHO, they just don’t know what cool is anymore. It’s like “Yeah, we get it. English is a language. It has form, structure, and enough words to literally describe everything you could ever want to explain in at least twelve ways.” But we’re like “Um. Hello! English is a living language! It’s not like Latin. OMG! Boringus Maximus! LOL. So we figured we’d just go ahead and let all you hip cats know that it’s totes rad if you feel like using some of your TXTing shorthand in a school paper, novel, or even official documents.

So, I know you’re like “How does this affect me?” Well, basically, we’ve just given validity to your inconsiderate, pasty-skinned, super-thumbed generation. We’re all like “Yeah, you teens and tweens do know more than us grownups!” LOL, bet you never thought you’d hear that from an adult. (FYI, the fwd thinkers over here at OED aren’t your typical adults.) Just wanted to make sure you all knew what was going down in dictionary town. Go ahead and pop your earbuds back in, and rest easy knowing that the world has once again come to you! Hope you’re as pumped about this extreme news as we are. GG, Hot Pockets are done! Coolio! TTYL

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2 Responses to "Srsly Guyz, The Oxford English Dictionary Is Totes Cool Now!"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    It won’t be long now for Wikipedia to be a valid source of information on academic essays and whatnot.