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Standup Anywhere – A Holy Taco Contest

Standup Anywhere – A Holy Taco Contest

Standup Anywhere: A Holy Taco Contest – Watch more Funny Videos

Hey comics and wannabe comics! We have an uncomfortable contest for you! Film yourself doing a set somewhere that’s as far removed from a typical comedy venue as possible. Some place like a subway train, laundromat, men’s room. Then upload the video to break.com, send the link for that video to contest at holytaco.com and we’ll start judging you!

Here’s a two rules you need to follow:

1. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t annoy people, don’t touch people and don’t curse at them. We’re not bailing you out of jail, or helping you fight someone.

2. Make sure the video is under five minutes long.

Keep checking back for this page for the cutoff date. Then you’ll know when the last minute is, and you can wait until the night before to put your clip together.

What do you get if you win? Well, you get $250 and you get featured on the front page of Break.com! Runners up get featured on HolyTaco.com, but their wallets will remain empty.

- HT Staff