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Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

Us Magazine has a popular feature called "Stars: They’re Just Like Us!" where it shows celebrities doing stupid, everyday stuff like hailing cabs, riding bikes or jogging with an iPod. Well, we wondered what that would look like if it actually showed stars doing some other things we do. (Except for the Unicycling, we just thought that looked funny.)

3 Responses to "Stars: They’re Just Like Us!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey thieves check out video out from last year = ) check out time code 3:59


  2. todders says:

    You haven’t seen nuthin’ until you’ve seen “A Fistful of Billy Ray Cyrus”:


  3. KodyG says:

    It is my dream to one day make photoshops like this for a job. I envy you, whoever you are.