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Stephanie Rice

Where You’ve Seen Her: Stephanie Rice is a swimming goddess.  Winning an Olympic gold medal has made her an athletic icon.  She also posed in a really hot policewoman outfit at a party as well that became a big deal in her homeland of Australia, and an even bigger one here in the states.
Pointless Quote: "I’m looking forward to seeing how much faster I can go and edging myself closer to being number one in the world."


14 Responses to "Stephanie Rice"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Um … no one?

  2. suomynona says:

    as they say in bangkok “if loving prepubescent is wrong, i don’t wanna be right!” except she looks like a tightbodied atheletic sex machine, not like a boy… sex….. no homo!

  3. Pierre says:

    hey, if you like body shapes similar to that of prepubescent boys, go for it.

  4. Anomynous says:

    You may or may not know that females actually do NOT have bodies similar to that of prepubescent boys, as females lack penises. Google the term “vagina” and prepare to have your mind blown (since your dick won’t be).



  6. Horny Chick says:

    I heard Ms. Rice likes a little Homemade Porno too!

  7. Anonymous says:

    plus shes got the accent. i say make teh sex to her

  8. Anomynous says:

    Does that somehow make you feel more secure about being a flaming queer who takes it up the ass? I would leave buckets of cum dripping out of every hole on this chick’s body.

  9. Pierre says:

    To quote Mr. Powers: It’s a man, baby.



  11. Anonymous says:

    all these female olympic atheletes are trying to be models and shit when they should be training for their next event and leave the modeling to the pros!


  12. id tap taht says:

    if you really think that’s man, you’re probably a small weak boy. athletic chicks are toned, hot, womany, packages of ready-to-fuck …uhm…what are we talking about again?

  13. church says:

    yes lord! i do believe i could train with her every night! (by train i mean sex)