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Steve Wynn, Unlike You, Hates Prostitutes

For those of you who don’t know who Steve Wynn is, he’s the guy who has all the money you lost in Las Vegas. He used to own several casinos, but now just owns The Wynn Hotel and Casino. The Wynn is a place that tries to make you think vegas is really classy, and not a shit hole in the middle of the desert where frat dudes shit themselves in public (seen it) and you can collect over 400 flyers depicting girls holding their vaginas open with a tiny star covering just their labia (done it). Oh yeah, and prostitutes are legal, sorta. But don’t tell Steve Wynn, because he hates himself some prostitutes. TMZ.com reports:

Vegas PD has arrested two “known prostitutes” for trespass and battery after a nasty bitch fight they allegedly got into with Steve Wynn.

According to cops, Wynn was in the valet area of his hotel last month when Sarah Cournede (r) walked up to him and said “You wanna get laid?” Police say the 66-year-old Wynn then grabbed Sarah and called for security.

Sarah tried to get away from Wynn. That’s when her younger sister Maria (middle) — also a “known prostitute” according to police — walked up to Wynn and slapped him across the face!

If I learned anything from this, it’s that our economy is really shitty. If prostitutes are so hard up for work that they lose all the intricacies of coming on to you by saying they’re “waiting for a friend,” and then “Accidentally” graze your penis as they reach down to tie their shoe that has no laces, and just go “wanna get laid,” that means things are bad people, real bad.

I think Wynn should let these girls play the slots for their freedom. Maybe create a game where the options are jail, keep whoring, or get freed by your pimps connections. Something like this:

13 Responses to "Steve Wynn, Unlike You, Hates Prostitutes"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    That middle one is pretty nice, I’d surely give her $200/hour. The one on the left looks like my mortgage broker, which is funny because I think he might treat himself to the occasional street walker every now and again. The one on the right looks like the meth might be catching up to her but still, if she’s got all her teeth, $60 bucks for a BJ sounds good expecially if she swallows.

  2. John Hardina says:

    Ewwwwwwww, can you see the herpes!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    These girls look like virgins to me

  4. Anonymous says:

    help I’am so horring can some one fuck me

  5. You forgot to mention that Steve Wynn is also blind which means he probably thought he was in the restroom where he gets propositioned for sex all the time and only called security because it was a female voice.

  6. lightspeed says:

    I heard Steve Wynn was merely slapping around his hoes, keeping his pimp hand strong, when someone recognized him. He feigned indignation and made the whole thing up.

  7. killa says:

    These two hoes look good around closing time, other than that fuck them. They should have known better than to fuck with Steve Wynn. What my favorite word BITCH!

  8. Stevo says:

    He probably grabbed her by the arm because he was gonna take her upstairs and up on the offer! (And at least he didnt file sexual harassment charges like some f-ed up biatch!)

  9. L says:

    IIRC prostitution is only legal outside of Vegas, so they really should have known better than to be hanging around there.

  10. Pratik says:

    THOSE are Vegas hookers? I heard stories of Vegas prostitutes that were beyond hot and would make you cream your pants just by them taking off their sunglasses.

    Oh well, I guess these two are the leftovers from the Harrah’s buffet.

  11. Assman says:

    If those girls did not look like Meth-heads it would seem Steve could have hasd a nice three way oarty in one of his suites.

    Great post – the slot game idea is ingenius.

  12. purelh says:

    i dunno the girl on the left looks fuckin good id take her haha

  13. Frank Lombardo says:

    I’d fuck all three of them.