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The Story Behind This Year’s Pardoned Turkey

Every year, the president officially pardons a turkey for Thanksgiving, to save the animal from being butchered and served to a starving homeless family on America’s favorite food-oriented holiday.  We decided to do a little digging this year and look into exactly how they choose which turkey to pardon.  Take a look at the wrap sheet for this year’s pardoned Turkey:

3 Responses to "The Story Behind This Year’s Pardoned Turkey"

  1. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    HT you’re getting lazy…

    It’s 2009, not 2007
    This year’s turkey is 40lbs and is named Courage.

  2. aninnymouse says:

    yeahhh this year’s turkey came from North Carolina… a guy i go to school with raised it… better research jackasses

  3. lunchboy says:

    i love turkeys…pardoned or not! yay!!! turkey for dinner and left over turkey sammiches….whoo hooo….i am sooo freaking excited. carry on kids!