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The Story Behind This Year’s Presidential Turkey Pardon

It’s a tradition that every year at Thanksgiving, the president "pardons" one turkey, saving him from being eaten that year.  Most people see this gesture as a sort of whimsical thing with no meaning.  But what you don’t know, is that these turkeys were actually wrongly accused and because turkey justice system is so flawed, these pardons were a long time coming.  Take a look at the story behind this year’s turkey.

8 Responses to "The Story Behind This Year’s Presidential Turkey Pardon"

  1. jessica says:

    sad sad turkey

  2. Mr SPizzo says:

    Holy god… as funny as the whole thing is, for some damn reason “Race of Victim: Turkey” has had me laughing hard for 5 minutes straight. Sometimes it’s the little things.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Holytaco has some hiccups in Google Chrome! When clicking read more, og the comment button I usually get an error! Then have to refresh and it works!

    This site is pure awesomeness

  4. Fabricati says:

    Curiously, ‘one-winged turkey’ wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy VII reference, would it? I thought of it as one and couldn’t help but laugh at that alone. Maybe it was just me.

    We salute you, Mr. Fat One with Brown Feathers. You can sleep peacefully tonight.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Lisa P says:

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  7. Furniture Packages Turkey says:

    Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have continued the pardons begun under the first Bush. Some confusion about the true origin of this practice has crept into recent presidential speeches though. One story claims that Harry Truman pardoned the turkey given to him in 1947, but the Truman Library has been unable to find any evidence of this. Another story claims the tradition dates back to Abraham Lincoln pardoning his son Tad’s pet turkey.
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