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Stretch Armstrong’s Sister, Crotch


8 Responses to "Stretch Armstrong’s Sister, Crotch"

  1. Mike Tereno says:

    I’m FIRST!! all I want to say :) and come play WoW peeps real fun

  2. CLYDE says:

    This chick would be awesome in bed……..

  3. charlie says:

    she’s not even straining…. that would ruin me for life!

  4. Bubba says:

    Crotch Armstong even comes with knee pads…

  5. spike dawg says:

    Wish my monitor was a “scratch ‘n sniff” model…or better yet, a “snatch ‘n sniff.”

  6. DonkeyXote says:

    That’s not normal, now is it?

  7. the representative says:
    i did that to my baroness action figure once. right batman and shipwreck had their way with her (I love kissing boys). Then they dismembered her and stood around all classy while watching her face melt.
  8. jelly roll says:

    best. tuck. job. ever.