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Suelyn Medeiros Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: You can probably guess Suelyn Medeiros is Brazilian, given 98% of all hot models with giant asses come from Brazil.  She’s also an actress and has had roles in such films as ‘My Super Ex Girlfriend’ and countless music videos with the likes of R Kelly and the Chili Peppers.   In short, her ass has some serious net worth.
Pointless Quote: "Difficult is not the same as Impossible."


5 Responses to "Suelyn Medeiros Pictures"

  1. hq says:

    a little bit larger of a woman than i prefer, but not a monster of beyonce proportions.

  2. Matt Damon says:

    Like many of your mothers, she causes much happiness in my genital area.

  3. YouSuckness says:

    that ass…

  4. 9480 says:

    que culazo

  5. shakilabarbosa says:

    Her lips are very seductive she is very hot
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