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Sunday Comics

It’s Sunday again and we have a fresh batch of Sunday comics because we have a team of monkeys working all week on these.  If we didn’t post them they’d give us all ebola.

ziggy fire

8 Responses to "Sunday Comics"

  1. D.Sharp says:

    The talking tumor is Kuato. Your infrared subliminal brainwashing patterns are a success as I am fully enjoying Sunday Comics regardless of their content, and as a side effect, an uncontrollable urge to watch The Wendy Williams Show.

  2. gqren says:

    HAHA jeez, great as always – keep it up!

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Keep crackin’ the whip at those monkeys!!! These were great!!!!

  4. philosøpher says:

    haha, love it

  5. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    see, bitches. this is much better than gifs.

  6. Bob says:

    Good stuff, keep it up.

  7. Token White Guy says:

    Oh, Ziggy, you make me hard.

  8. WikiLeaksInMyPanties says:

    LOL @ the Wiki one. You guys are fuken Awesome