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Sunday Comics

Sweet deal, it’s Sunday again.  Strap on your laughing shoes!


13 Responses to "Sunday Comics"

  1. D.Sharp says:
    I love Sunday comics!
  2. The sick Santa comic is very wrong.

  3. Sun Dried Eyes says:

    I usually like the Sunday Comics but this week’s was brutally unfunny. Like someone-isn’t-getting-laid-and-took-it-out-on-cartoons unfunny.

  4. Rahm Emmanuel says:

    the santa was okay

    the rest, not so much

    bring back gifs

    Or I shall send you dead fish.

  5. your Grandma says:

    Fuck this sucked really bad…

  6. Token White Guy says:

    I expected more from you, Ian. Well, not really, but still.

  7. RonPonder says:

    I was starting to like these…..

  8. mastermind says:

    Well this sucked balls

  9. Jo Deeson says:

    Wow, these are pretty funny. Nice way to start the day!


  10. Blorgy-blorg says:

    My sphincter just cut the turtle head off. Now it’s floating around my loose underwear.

  11. A Sex Addict says:

    How am I suppose to get off to this?!

  12. Ian Fortey says:
    Sorry guys, we were all sampling homemade hooch for a new article and this was really funny at about 2am yetserday.
  13. Token White Guy says:

    We forgive you. We love you.