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Sunday Comics


calvin and hobbes 
family circus

18 Responses to "Sunday Comics"

  1. ToyMachine says:

    just steal the good ones from funnyjunk so i have more of a reason to come here

  2. blahhh says:

    these are self-indulgent piles of hedgehog crap. sunday GIFs were much cooler.

  3. Juan Calavera! says:

    Oigan ya en serio! queremos los Gifs del Domingo! vamos a tener que ir a SeñorGif.com ? no verdad? Espero mañana ver Monday gifs.

  4. Anonymous1 says:

    agreed you fabreed

    HT has gone so far downhill that there’s no real point to come to this website anymore.

  5. Hashbrowns says:

    Seriously? No more gifs? Boo, I looked forward to them. Though I’ll admit these comics are good, why not both?

  6. Ian Fortey says:
    sad to see you go.
  7. pepe says:

    dejense de mamadas, donde chingados estan los sunday gifs, el domingo pasado fue una idiotes lo delos figs, y ahora esto? nooo vaaaleeeen maaadre!

  8. Finnegan says:

    They all suck… I want Sunday gifs !!!

  9. wolfey2723 says:

    hells yeah!

  10. DOLOMITE says:

    When was Seinfeld funny?

  11. The Naughty Professor says:

    Jews haven’t been funny since Seinfeld.

  12. clubf00t says:

    i want sunday FIGs

  13. Anonymous1 says:

    figs were gay

    sunday gifs or gtfo

  14. Eclipsedfloyd89 says:

    I want the Gifs!

  15. The Naughty Professor says:

    This was a great idea!!! Good job guys!!!

  16. frat bro says:

    I WANT GIFSSSS!!!!! and beer

  17. JP says:

    These are funny… Either HT captured some Jews or stole from another site

  18. Ian Fortey says:
    Sunday GIFs are gone, may they rest in peace.