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Super Duper Hottness


83 Responses to "Super Duper Hottness"

  1. philosopher says:

    I should really kill you, and let the coyotes eat your corpse.

    -the original philosopher

  2. LaKostraNostra says:

    There a hot chick”
    And these cocks are fighting like little bitches”

    Comment” get the fuck out..

    But yeah..plow her till next spring’

  3. LaKostraNostra says:

    There a Hot chick..
    And these idiots are fighting like little bitches’

    Just comment about the pic” and get the fuck out..

    But yeah”
    I would plow her till next spring..

  4. rob says:

    Philosopher has some of the most mundane and puerile put-downs I’ve ever read.

  5. philossopher says:

    i like a big meaty cock in my butt :)

  6. philosopher says:

    unlike other people i dont dedicate my time to coming up with good putdowns because i respect freedom of speech and have better things to do with my time then make people needlessly feel like shit on internet messaging boards. if you dont understand what im fighting against, then you’re a facist. sieg heil. and rob has to be the most mundane and puerile name name i’ve ever read. i bet you uninstall computer viruses for a living you pretentious, unfunny jerkoff. lick a cow’s pussy.

  7. When Ever You're Sad says:

    Check out Holy Taco and search for (well not that searching is necessary cause he’ll drop his bullshit everywhere on this site) Philosopher’s comments.

    Man..this shit cheers up every single day. Even when I found out IRS was chasing me for illegaly selling dope on the street corner without paying my taxes, I cracked my ass over this philosofoherrrr stuff.


  8. BOYFAT says:


  9. SexyBitch@! says:


  10. AdamX says:

    Hey angerboy, you have failed to noticed Rob is merely commenting on the crass sewerage you are sloshing about.
    Seeing you’ve fallen back on your pledge to have the strength resisting immature slander against you. Your spite & hate has just become evermore sour and sad.
    Of the millions of places on the internet, what the fuck are you trying to achieve by logging back into this shitty corner doing you no good?
    Not matter how much people may have offended you, think about the dearth of respect you are giving yourself?
    For the record, I try and see the goodness in everyone, but I have not seen a positive spark emanate from a letter you’ve given

  11. Sam Giancana says:

    I don’t know what the fuck you’re speaking, but it’s not English, bitch”

    And what’s with this shit–>”

    Hey, I think I’ll stick quotation marks after everything I post because I’m all badass and shit”

    And my retarded parents gave me LaKostraNostra as a middle name means I’m awesome and fuck you if you talk about my name”

    I’m a 500 lb virgin who fingerbanged my sister once, but I’m a virgin other than that so I’ma go eat a box of Twinkies on the shitter, kthxbi”


  12. philosopher says:

    you misspelled it, dumb ass. you just insulted yourself

    -the original philosopher who is being unwisely underestimated

  13. doobiedoobiedoo says:

    You fucking faggots have lost yer minds. A totally hot babe is offering up the stinky port and yer arguing over whether philo should die or not? FUCK!!!!

  14. Dr Fuckoff says:

    Nothing to estimate. You have NPD


    So in that sense, yes, people should be warned.

  15. philosopher says:

    oh shut up, prick

    -the true philosopher

  16. Dspayre says:

    I hope Super Duper Hottness comes with interchangable heads or at least a paper bag.

  17. LaKostraNostra says:

    Kostra, czech meaning skeleton”

    Open a book prick, instead of your big cock suckin mouth’

    Someone resentful that your parents gave them a borin’ fag names”

    Eat a cockmeat sandwich, twat’

  18. LaKostraNostra says:

    Fuck you,
    Wrong it my cock in your mouth”

    Disecting my name, when you have no idea what its about”
    (its a middle name)cocktard”

    Sam Cockcana”

  19. philosopher says:

    My ass is so wide you could stick both hands in it and clap.

  20. That Was Awesome. says:

    Hey..just a question for philosopher.
    Now..i know you think the rest of the people youre ranting on are bastards for making fun of you and you want to kill them and etc etc.

    But if you’re the “philosopher” how come you keep on commenting on all these pics of hot chicks who probably don’t even know their picture is up on this site? I mean, its exploitation. And i would think that a Philospher would spend a lot less time looking at dirty pics with the rest of us.

    Though, i guess philosophers can hunt for poon too.

    haha man. every time i click a hot girl pic theres the philosopher getting beat down on by people.

  21. philosopher's lover (a homo) says:

    i am the gay fucker. i fucked the philosopher in the ass and he loved it.and i cn prove it to you coz he’s gonna cry foul to this comment. he’s gonna lambast me and deny me coz we promised not to kiss and tell. i love u philosopher. i love ur teeny weeny dick. and i know u LOVED my huge one coz u screamed like a lil girl as i stuck it up yours.

    -the original gay philosopher fucker

  22. Le Coque says:

    Hail the spelling enforcer

  23. Sam Giancana says:

    It’s LA COSA NOSTRA, fucktard.

  24. LaKostraNostra says:

    Suck me motherfucker”’
    you been ranting about piss squirt, asshole for the last fucking 300 pics”
    Get the fuck out..
    dick, fighting for free speech’ you just making yourself sound more stupid everyday’

    but yeah ill still plow her to next spring’

  25. philosopher says:

    fuck you if you dont understand that im fighting for free speech in america and on the web. why dont you get the fuck out cockmunch bitchass fuckhead?

  26. COMING SOON says:

    Philoshopher’s Greatest GO DIE Comebacks – XXIV

    Another 1000 pages of really unfunny stuff.

  27. philosopher says:

    And I eat their poo poo.

    -the original philosopher

  28. philosopher says:

    Then I’ll fellate the coyotes, as has been my nightly tradition for years.

    -the original philosopher

  29. philosopher says:

    you are so messed up, why didn’t your mom get an abortion? was she planning on using you as a doorstop? that’s all you’re good for…

    -the true philosopher

  30. quim master says:

    Hey!!!!! What about that fine piece of yummy butt sex cunt lick lady????

  31. LaKostraNostra says:

    Haha philospher called rob a facist,
    what a idiot..

    you think your comebacks are witty right faggot’

    You a being a hiprocrate, because rob and many other like myself are just stating our opinions on how we are tired of hearing your gay comebacks, thus making your fight for free speech,
    A big bitch and cry fest…

    Just because you went to community college, doesnt make you witty fagg”

  32. Anonymous says:

    What the fuck is up with your quotes?!?

  33. philosopher says:

    says the guy to is so retarded, his name is just numbers 1 through 9

    -the original philosopher

  34. philosopher says:

    my work gets half assed when I can’t stop laughing at my enemies hatred of me

  35. jose cuervo says:

    i looked and i couldnt find anything. well i guess its just another hot chic that im never gonna see agian. ty for the advice though.

  36. 123456789 says:


  37. philosopher says:

    actually, its because of this bad economy. but I wouldn’t expect someone as stupid as you to be able to turn on a TV to the news programs, or have enough sense to get a newspaper

    -the original philosopher

  38. philosopher says:

    it might be in the corners in really small print, if HT got this picture from somewhere else

  39. jose cuervo says:

    this chic is pretty hott
    does anyone her name or website

  40. Anonymous says:

    Apparently you’re not much of a newspaper reader either, junior — i.e., the classifieds. But, you know, if you still think you can find a job by posting 500+ times a day on Holy Taco and masturbating in your own feces, more power to you.

  41. philistine says:

    “my work gets half assed when I can’t stop laughing at my enemies hatred of me”

    Maybe that’s why you can’t get a Job

  42. Le Coque says:

    Your perception of subtlety is astounding

  43. philosopher says:

    do me a favor, go to africa, get AIDS, find the biggest anthill you can, lay down next to it, and let the ants feast on your skin until your veins and arteries pop from the pain and you die

    -the original philosopher

  44. Eye-ree says:

    a. philosopher, is a hypocrite.
    b. philosopher, is an inmates muff bag.
    c. She’s well tight! got me sweatin’ like a pregnant nun.

  45. Le Coque says:

    oooooooooh, that is one of the most Searing comebacks I have ever read, you have certainly shown who’s boss. How do remain so HOT with Brilliance? You can come to my BBQ anytime.

  46. philosopher says:

    I’ll take that as a complement, even though I know you were being sarcastic. but know, I won’t go to your BBQ, I hate you, and the only time I want to be near you, is when I’m lynching you from a tree

    -the original philosopher

  47. philosopher says:


  48. philosopher's pedo cellmate says:

    Hey but you still like my Fist & Grizzle possum

  49. philosopher says:

    hey, scum bag, go die in the dumpster that your white trash mom gave birth to you in

    -the true philosopher

  50. philosopher's pedo cellmate says:

    I love it when you speak dirty

  51. philosopher says:

    yes you do, however, I don’t

    -the original philosopher

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure he’s getting off on this, since it’s the most attention he’ll ever get in his life. Kinda sad when your life peaks at 12, but what can ya do.

  53. I f$$$ed a dead squirel! says:

    Hmmm a masochist I see, can I get the whip, or did you bring your own?

  54. Philosopussy says:

    Shut up homo

  55. philosopher says:

    well. the source of HT is in America, which is controlled by the American government, so technically… well, lets see if you can follow the trail of logic

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  56. Bill-the-pony says:

    You only get the right to free speech without infringement from the government. The Holytaco forum can persecute the heck out of you.

  57. Michael Jackson says:

    seconded, homo

  58. ??? says:

    mate why do you stay n put up with the all the shit.. n dont say for the right to free speech or whatever.. cause what youre doin aint in any way noble.. the idea is there but this aint the place for it.

    i got nothin against you but it seems like youre just tryna find a purpose for yourself and this free speech bs is it. bro jus stop.. save everyone the drama

  59. philosopher says:

    shut up mother fuckers, and my middle fingers second that motion

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  60. philosopher says:


  61. onasunday says:

    thatz sum good ol persecution right there… yep…

  62. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody ban that little fuckstick’s IP address already?

  63. philosopher says:

    no, I am not a skinhead. I hate skinheads. what I am, is just a follower of the Ashes ideals

    -the original philosopher

  64. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your moral progress crusade! Man, this place is like 10,000 more moral already.

    I’d also like to point out that you appear to be persecuting me. You may start your boring-ass hairsplitting diatribe … NOW:

  65. philosopher says:

    I only prosecute douche bags, pricks, jerks, mother fuckers, human trash, criminals, outlaws, punks, bullies, and other assortment of the ilk. you however, are all of those, which makes my hatred of you so much easier

    -the original philosopher

  66. thatAnonymousguy says:

    the clash sucks!
    only thing i found interesting on this arguement
    by the way, i’m on philosopher’s side so shut the fuck up

  67. Alfred Nonymous says:

    You prosecute punks? What are you a skinhead? Give me your address, so I can come over and blast some Clash outside your window.

    P.S. Your whole “when I do it, it’s justice” reminds me of Camus’ The Just Assassins. Is that intentional or is it just some pure fuckery of the mind? (On another note, this may be the most intellectual thing uttered on this message board)

  68. philosopher says:

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
    A philosopher by any other name will still be a pain in the ass, just because I hate you pricks with every fiber of my being.
    Suffer and die, mother fuckers!

    -the original philosopher who is laughing maniacally

  69. philosopher says:

    when its done for no reason, its persecution
    when its done on someone from the list I put up, its justice

    -the original philosopher

  70. philosopher says:

    maybe I should just stop telling you that no one believes you’re me, after all, you are too stupid to notice. I’ll just stick to the insults:
    Go suffer and die, you mother fucking, child molesting, retarded, faggy, douche bag.

  71. phiilosopher says:

    I like the whole fist

    -the original philosopher

  72. philosopher says:

    actually, I’m not arguing with myself, I’m arguing with a punch of immature douche bags who are trying to sabotage me

    -the true philosopher

  73. Ally says:

    dude for all i know all the posts are made by you under different names its just a trait of your multiple personality disorder that you like to argue with youself, sometimes even pretending to be someone else being you! i’d see a doctor if i were you, i heard that dr fuckoff knows his stuff

  74. philosopher says:

    hey, i only insult those who insult me. but I wouldn’t expect a retard as stupid as you to notice the pattern

    -the original philosopher

  75. philosopher says:

    Go suffer and die, so I can tie your corpse to a cinder block, toss you into my pond, and let the snappy turtles rip the dead flesh from your bones.

    -the original philosopher

  76. Anonymous says:

    Wait – was that moral progress, or free speech without prosecution? Help me that I might understand thy crusade, O FailLotsOpher.

  77. dickweed says:

    god i hate that fucking guy. what a bitch. gotta be the menstral cramps. philosofucker.

  78. Anonymous says:

    The only pattern i notice is that you went from being a whiny little pussy to being a deluded whiny little pussy who thinks he’s Martin fuckin’ Luther (even though he’s actually Don Quixote’s prom night dumpster baby).

  79. philosopher says:

    Go to suffer and die.

    -the original philosopher

  80. BenjTech says:

    What a whiny little bitch

  81. Dr Fuckoff says:

    Yep that’s him, and here is his response…

  82. A dude who observes shit says:

    I think we need to get a better understanding of who we are dealing with here.

    It would be reasonable to surmise that philosopher is a Narcissist. Now we all have Narcissistic qualities, it’s what allows us self worth. But in philosophers case, it would appear he suffers/enjoys extreme Narcissistic behaviour.

    A possible diagnosis may be Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), which may be diagnosed with 5 or more of the following traits:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love (megalomania)
    3. Believes they are “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, people (or institutions) who are also “special” or of high status
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative
    7. Lacks empathy
    8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Now please don’t be upset at my observation philosopher. I am not aiming for persecution. It’s merely an observation related to your ‘public’ behaviour.

    ‘All’ opinions welcome.


  83. Monkey Semen says:

    He has made a profound Pledge here: