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Super Hot Ginger


30 Responses to "Super Hot Ginger"



  2. Donkey dick says:

    Because they do not want you masturbaiting all the time because when you masturbait babies die and when babies die chuck norris has nothing to hurl into the sun so when chuck norris gets mad the seismic radiation coming off of his nurological cells in his brain heat up and cause the polar caps to melt and when the polar caps melt hippies shit bricks and blame the big man and in this situation HolyTaco is the big man.

  3. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymously ill says:

    God damn I love gingers.

  5. docmark says:

    Looks like the not-yet-broken-in daughter of one of those dirty filthy biker chicks of the 70′s.

  6. EL Ricolino says:

    Vice Suicide from suicide girls website

  7. Rob Blagojevich says:

    Only a homo would complain about a hot chick.

  8. Fuzzy says:

    Which SG is this???

  9. FishPie says:

    Why does HT not give out the names!!! :(

  10. e says:

    yeah, thats her. her name’s vice at suicidegirls.com

  11. Donkey dick says:

    My best bet is she is a lesbian porn star.

  12. EL Ricolino says:

    Yes and the other girl is DOT

  13. Anony says:

    OR it could just be a shadow or reflected light on her arm. But who knows

  14. DonkeyXote says:

    Yeah, because rugburns seems like a plausible cause…

    Fucking idiot!!!

  15. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Donkeylick, Since you have apparently never had sex with an actual woman, try using your imagination to see if you can figure out how a woman would get rug burns under her arms.

    In case you cannot even imagine a woman snacking on your junk, feel free to punch yourself in the face.

  16. DonkeyXote says:

    True, why the fuck are her triceps so red?

    She a black belt of something?

  17. Goofanese guy says:

    Is leprosy.

  18. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Rug burns perhaps?

  19. D34D.R.L1V3 says:


    but dude she is hot

  20. UN- nonymous says:

    FUCKING NICE! I’ll bet it smells like cinnamon!!!


    Alas, she still has no soul…

  22. The Pope says:

    Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch please.

  23. Northpaw says:

    That hand appears bruised from breaking rocks all day.

  24. Holy Taco sucks fat nuts says:

    whats this whores name

  25. e says:

    i know! wtf holytaco???????????!!!!!!???????????

  26. cough/cool says:

    red hair,ink and looks like either hazel or blue eyes makes these irish eyes smile.

  27. Bill Clinton says:

    I want her NOW!

  28. pratik says:

    Another title of this could be “If Avril Lavigne’s singing career hadn’t worked out…”

  29. hottiebabe25 says:

    the laast one is veery cool , imma do maah toes like that . (;