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Sure It’s A Deal But Is It Worth The Insult


7 Responses to "Sure It’s A Deal But Is It Worth The Insult"

  1. Phil Jones says:

    What a deal! That makes me want to slap my cock on your faces!

  2. Ralph the WonderLlama says:


    damn it! I really need to stop using alternate ID’s.

    Yours trully,


  3. pratik says:

    I thought your paid in tears after getting your manboobs shit on.

  4. pratik says:



  5. Stink says:

    I’m not a cheap whore… am I Phil?

  6. Ralph the WonderLlama says:

    so does that mean I am finally somebody? Someone finally stole my ID? Oh crap I feel so special I could just jump for joy!

  7. Balls says: