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A Swashbucklin’ Pirate’s Diary Of His Time With Somali Pirates

What would it look like if the classic eye-patch-wearing pirate joined up with a band of modern-day AK-47-shooting Somali pirates and wrote a diary about it? It would look a little like this.
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somali pirates, somali, pirates, holytaco, holy taco, swashbucklin', eye patch, classic pirate, diary

7 Responses to "A Swashbucklin’ Pirate’s Diary Of His Time With Somali Pirates"

  1. aronham says:

    i like how the treasure chest says volvo

  2. J Dizzel says:


  3. henryg says:

    who know swashbucklin pirates were half jamaican.

  4. Ev says:

    The idea behind the bit sounded very promising.
    Congratulations on sucking! I hope you didn’t spend too much time brain storming and writing this. Your time would have been better spent stabbing yourself to death with a spoon.

  5. Edwordrules says:

    Show them how its done, so that way they dont hurt themselves with the spoon.

  6. todders says:
    maybe they wouldn’t be so pissed if they had more game shows to give them hope… Like PIRATE WHEEL OF FORTUNE
  7. http://www.fitzgeraldhotel.org/ says:

    lol, so funny