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Stallone and Schwarzenegger Have A Post-Surgery Chat

After filming “The Expendables 2,” Sly and Arnold needed to get a little work done, because men their age shouldn’t be doing stunts, their bones are brittle and their tendons are like silly putty. If we didn’t live in such an advanced age of medicine, these two would be passing on movies like “The Expendables” and opting for more age-appropriate things like reviving the old Bartles & Jaymes commercials or promoting diabetes testing supply companies. What follows is the conversation that may or may not have taken place as the two men fought through their post-surgery haze:

Arnold: Nurse!

Sly: Adrian!

Arnold: Ha, that was a good one.

Sly: Like the movie. Right?

Arnold: Right, right.

Sly: Mick!

Arnold: ‘Nother good one.

Sly: You know? Like in that movie I made.

Arnold: Right, right, no, I get it.

Sly: Now you do one.

Arnold: Get to the chopper!

Sly: Never heard it. That one of yours?

Arnold: Yeah. “Predator.”

Sly: Oh, that’s right. Do another one, let me see if I can guess it.

Arnold: I’ll be back.

Sly: F’ing awesome. That’s from the end of “Bloodsport,” right?

Arnold: No. I wasn’t in that movie. You might be thinking of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Sly: I’m always thinking of him. Give me one more.

Arnold: It’s not a tumor!

Sly: I know, it was a torn rotator cuff. Now do a line from one of your movies! They’re going to separate us soon.

Arnold: That was from one of my movies. It was called “Kindergarten Cop.”

Sly: That’s the one where you and I arm-wrestled, right?

Arnold: No. That’s the one where I was sent on assignment as a kindergarten teacher so I could find a drug dealer.

Sly: And then what happened?

Arnold: I ended up caring for the children and showing them my ferret.

Sly: Haha.

Arnold: What?

Sly: Tell me what happened again?

Arnold: I ended up caring for the children and showing them my ferret.

Sly: You showed them your ferret. Just sounds pervy, you know?

Arnold: Oh, right.

Sly: Can I tell you something, Arnold?

Arnold: Yes, I guess so.

Sly: I’ve never seen any of your movies.

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