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Taco Belle: Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell is the English version of…enormous boobs. Apparently this London photo shoot is for some new men’s body spray. Which might explain why there are three googly-eyed statues standing behind her. Or it might not explain anything and leave you wondering why the hell there are three googly-eyed statues standing behind her with they’re hands raised like they are going to come to life and stab her. Way to go, English people. First you screwed up the empire and now you’ve screwed up your own version of enormous boobs. Now I see why we started our own country.


10 Responses to "Taco Belle: Keeley Hazell"

  1. exclusio says:

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  2. exclusio says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    i saw her in maxim uk topless when she was 18 last year i think? sooo fine.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As you can see its abit “nippy” over here in the UK!

    Anyways, prob not the best we have to offer, but then again who else would you be able to find to pose with three googly-eyed statues!

  5. SW says:

    Is it me? Or do you guys favor women with large breasts?

  6. Anil Dikshit says:


  7. AlcoLOL says:

    One of the hands on the googly-eyed statues is BECKONING for a camera. Then I could position the other two so they appear to be grabbing her, and force her to “suck” one of the statues off. I’m a genius… This COULDN’T have been done before. (Well, besides the one with her boyfriend.)

  8. tonie blayre says:

    fyi, those aren’t statues, they’re are giant men made out of chocolate (or are supposed to be). They’re from an ad campaign for Lynx body wash/spray, which is like the UK equivalent to Axe, etc…the commercial is actually pretty funny (prob on youtube) where this guy puts on the spray and becomes as irresistible as chocolate to women…there are some funny gags in it…and some hot women.

  9. stephen says:

    wow….. amazing

  10. painless hair removal says:

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