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Taco Belle: Lisa Dergan

Courtesy: Hollywoodtuna.com

Age: 37 (yes, 37)

Where you’ve seen her: She’s been a sportscaster on Fox and she’s been in Playboy, but in 2003 she was the freakin’ St. Pauli Girl. If you don’t believe me, here’s proof:

Tantalizing trivia: She’s married to former White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik. You know Scott as the guy who destroyed your fantasy baseball team because you drafted him for steals and while he gets you a few, he’s still gets caught, like, every other time because he’s a stupid piece of shit who doesn’t hit homers or do anything else. (Yes, I’m still bitter.)


One Response to "Taco Belle: Lisa Dergan"

  1. love the beer! love the outfit – last year halloween!