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Taco Belle: Marisa Miller

Age: 29

Where you’ve seen her: A bunch of modeling magazine shit you’ve probably never seen…oh, and some show called “Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model”, which, if you’re on this site, I’m sure you totally DVR’d.

 Tantalizing tidbit: Apparently, Marisa likes muscle cars, football, cooking and food from Trader Joes. (Yeah, she’s THAT exciting.)


5 Responses to "Taco Belle: Marisa Miller"

  1. ndog says:

    She’s in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and Victoria Secret catalogs… but those are a bunch of modeling magazine shit we’ve probably never seen.

  2. AngelSEXY says:

    Baywatch also – this is what nerds know about her…


  3. skinnylady says:

    Yahoo. I think this is the first woman you’ve ever written about that has less than a D cup

  4. AgentOrange says:

    She looks like Jess Simpson before everything went horribly wrong

  5. Soundchomp says:

    Blemishes all over