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Taco Belle: Olivia Munn

olivia munn g4tv

Age: 25

Where you’ve seen her: Olivia Munn is a host of Attack of the Show on G4TV, which means she spends most of her time giving nerds erections. She can also be seen in Rob Schneider’s upcoming movie “Big Stan,” where she will spend most of her time giving Rob Schneider an erection.

Tantalizing tidbit: These photos are from her recent trip to Jamaica where she—OMG!—actually may have gotten high on weed.

olivia munn olivia munn olivia munn olivia munn

4 Responses to "Taco Belle: Olivia Munn"

  1. cronins disease says:

    jesus christ..i need to hit that.

  2. Now these are real photos – where is her camel toe?

  3. Chaosman says:

    nice pics. she is smokin. If you can get a shot or two of her at the Star Nerds convention wearing the princess Leah bikini outfit for the next posting. NICE!

  4. dave says:

    Nice topic for discusion (injection molding) good for us!