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Taco Belle: Sandra Nilsson

Age: 21

Where you’ve seen her: She’s Swedish, so unless your name is Bjorn or Sven or ABBA, you’ve probably never seen her before. But, she’s going to be Playboy’s Playmate in January 2008. So you can see almost all of her in a month.

Tidbit Trivia: She was voted the 7th hottest woman in Sweden last year. If there are six girls hotter than her, I am very willing to denounce my citizenship and move in with my old buddies Sven and ABBA forever.


3 Responses to "Taco Belle: Sandra Nilsson"

  1. SabrinaSpammy says:

    Yes, I know, she’s hot blah blah blah, but I am going to leave a spam comment with the URL to my website because I have no class whatsoever, and can’t be bothered to pay for links.

  2. Ð’ очередной раз большое спасибо, хорошие что есть такие люди как вы, которые дают на самом деле полезные советы:)

  3. Хм А мне кажется, минусы в данном случае намного превосходят плюсы.