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21 Photos of Women With Wild Animals


There’s a dreamy, fairy-tale quality to these photos that makes them a little surreal, and very compelling. (I mean, it’s not like we’re normally into photos of girls with animals or anything. Okay? *clears browser history*.

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8 Animals Ruined by Humans


You know who names animals? People. A dog didn’t wander into Babylon one day and tell everyone it was called a dog. The word came from an old English word for a specific kind of canine and then bam! English has a word for that animal. So every …

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5 Cheeses That Need to Be Made


Cheese making is probably pretty simple. I’ve never endeavored to make much cheese, but I have tried once. I made some homemade marscapone. It tasted kind of like off yogurt. But the point is I did it and could probably do it again. Cheese was…

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Holy Taco Field Guide to Naming Groups of People


Crows come in a murder. Everyone is instantly amused when they learn this. Boars come in a sounder. Otters in a romp. Porcupines in a prickle. It’s no end of amusement to look up stuff like so long as you never question how this is official in …

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4 Kinds of Urine You Can Buy Right Now


Did you pee today? You should have, because it’s weird if you went a day without peeing. But did you ever stop to appreciate your urine? Probably not unless you’re one of those freaks on the internet. Oh. Hmm.

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25 Terrifying Animal People


They call these things humanimals. You can hire them for parties and everything. You won’t, but you can.

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25 Terribly Civilized Monkeys


Ha! He thinks he’s people!

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25 Unusual Saddled Animals


Any animal can earn +2 to awesome by having a saddle on its back. God, I wish we had a monkey for this gallery.

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25 Star Wars Pets


People who dress up their pets are monsters. Even if they’re dressed like Star Wars characters.

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25 Animals with Mohawks

mohawk monkey

Everyone loves a mohawk, it represents the ultimate in anarchy that still takes a hell of a lot of time and effort to pull off. Unless you’re a monkey or whatever an can do it naturally.

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What Not To Do With Your Pets This Christmas


Tis the season for stupid pictures. Pets are no exception to this rule. If you’re one of those people who opted for a pet instead of a child, first off, good choice. Second, be careful how you treat the little critter this Christmas. We don&#…

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