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Seven of the Most Embarrassing Politicians in Modern History (Besides Rob Ford)

Rob Ford

Ford is far from the only politician busted doing cosmically stupid shit presumably under a shroud of power that makes them think they can’t be touched. They always get caught sooner or later, and we always wonder what the hell they were thinking.

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10 Headlines You Can Expect to See When Weiner Loses

Anthony Weiner

The race for mayor is New York is all over today. What will they say about Weiner?

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Anthony Weiner: Mega Troll


Mark your calendar. Today is the day I’m calling the mayoral campaign of Anthony Weiner complete and utter bullshit. It was never real. It’s an exercise in slapstick comedy. How much can Weiner do without anyone calling him out on it. He had a …

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Weiner Is Getting Straight


First off, let me apoligize for that headline so that we can move on — I’m sorry. Moving on. Anthony Weiner, the Ansel Adams of awkward twitter pics, is taking a leave of absence from congress to become a “better and healthier per…

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16 Suggestions for Tomorrow’s Anthony Weiner New York Post Headline

anthony weiner

The wheel of political scandal has spun and landed on Democrat this time, so instead of Republicans soliciting sex in public toilets we have Dems sending wang pics to single moms. But really, both parties are on the up and up, it’s just that…

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