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The Apes Are Rising and so Are Our Shirts – A Holy Taco Contest!


It looks like the apes are finally going to rise this Friday and we got sent a box of shirts featuring foul language to go along with it. Monkeys and swear words? Yay!

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Holy Taco’s Video of the Day: Chimp Intelligence

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day:  Chimp Intelligence

OK, so last week’s video with the chimp playing video games was a little suspect seeing as dude wasn’t pressing any buttons meaning he plays like grandma does, and grandma doesn’t win Call of Duty ever. But this one is a little m…

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Holy Taco in Hollywood: A Photo Essay

holy taco hollywood

You may be surprised to learn that the Holy Taco crew are not Hollywood jetsetters. We set jets and all, but we tend to do it at Farmer’s Markets and bodegas and other such places where the crowds are maybe not so glamorous as they are in Hollywoo…

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