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25 Classical Art Tattoos

3 L'Amour de Pierrot

Anyone can get a tattoo of Calvin pissing on Hobbes. To get one of these, it helps to at least know who Monet is.

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25 Awesome Chocolate Sculptures


One time I held up two peanut butter cups and pretended they were nipples. This stuff is a little more advanced.

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How to Draw a Horse


Our friends over at the Huffington Post are trying to help out your art skills today with a simple lesson in drawing a picture perfect horse. I tied but ended up drawing boobs, It happens.

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25 Celebrities as Furries

1 penn teller

Fan art is a weird thing sometimes, makes you want to give your favorite celebrity a horse’s ass. But hey, some folks are into that. We’re pretty sure some of these pics came from DeviantArt, so you should check out the kids over there…

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Explaining the Graffiti of 18 Artists

Explaining the Graffiti of 18 Artists

Graffiti is one of the great modern art forms, insofar as anyone can do it anywhere. Maybe not legally, but people still do it. Some people are amazing, others are terrible, and they all put it out there for the rest of us to see and/or power was…

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This Picture Is Not Worth The $4,338,500 It Sold For At Auction


What you’re seeing above is a picture titled Rhein II, by renowned photographer Andreas Gursky. Of course, I’m only assuming he’s renowned because as far as I know Mr. Gursky has never taken a picture of two people having sex with horses, and those…

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Human Face Appears In Canadian Man’s Testicle Ultrasound

testy Happy

  Having a pain in your testicle is one of the most terrifying experiences in a man’s life. A single soft, wispy graze on a testicle can cause a man to crumple to the ground like his belly button is a black hole and he’s being sucked in to him…

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25 of the Worst Fantasy and Sci Fi Book Covers


Fantasy and sci fi have often had a bad rap for being less legit than other genres. This is why.

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25 Awesome Classic Pinball Machines

egg head

Pinball holds a special place in the annals of gaming because you had to beat on the machines and, if enraged, you could just try to flip the thing and it knew what you were up to so it’d stop working all together. Good times.

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The 25 Most Atrociously Awful Video Game Box Covers


This gallery was hard to research, because we stick to 25 and I literally have a folder with 73 images in it right now. But these were the crappiest 25 of that 73. People who make video games do not care about you at all.

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25 Mind Blowing Sand Sculptures


As every kid with a bucket and a small degree of motor coordination knows, sand castles are awesome. But while most children continue to disappointment their families by foolishly building below the tide line and and displaying barely any sense of…

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