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25 Signs Gypsies Stole Your Baby


Thieving gypsy baby thieves thieving babies have been in the news a lot lately, even when they didn’t really steal a baby. As a public service, we’ll provide these signs to let you know gypsies are stealing babies from you, in case you weren’t sure…

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Demon Bird

Demon Bird

  I don’t trust this parrot. He seems like the kind of bird that would hide in a dumpster with a knife and lure you over with his baby impression, only to rob and kill you. Evil. Pure evil.

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OMFG! My hat is pooping on me!


Do You Keep The Ginger Baby Hair Trimmings?


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Baby Boozers – A Gallery


I’ve been saying this for a long time now: Babies. That’s where it’s at. If you want to have a good time, hang out with a group of babies. Not only do that attract the chicks, but they know how to party.      

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It’s About Time Babies Got What Comin’ To ‘Em


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This Kid Must Get So Much Preschool Tail

This Kid Must Get So Much Preschool Tail

  This is a video of an extremely badass 3 year-old kid operating heavy construction machinery to the most badass "kid operating construction equipment" music ever created. Keep an eye out for what looks like a vampire woman filming …

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I’m So Tired I Could Sleep With a Horse


From Birth, This Kid Had No Chance of Getting Laid. Thanks, Geek Mom and Geek Dad.


At Least It Wasn’t The Other Way Around. That Could Have Ended Badly




Feed Your Daughter To The Aligators