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New Jersey Middle School Bans Hugging. Will Soon Ban Joy, Smiles, Puppies


“It seems it’s easier to get the cold shoulder than it is to get a warm hug here in Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School…” is the absolutely awful opening line used by a Fox affiliate in New Jersey during the reporting of a story about a middle school tha…

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New Zealand Is Trying To Cripple The internet’s Ability To Write Lazy Articles About Weird Baby Names


Go head. Type the words “weird baby names” in to Google and see what happens. If your search results are anything like mine, 0.16 seconds after you hit enter you will receive “about 6,230,000” links, all centered around the weird names parents have…

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25 Ways to Market the Human Centipede Sequel and Make it More Viewer Friendly


The Human Centipede II has been banned in the UK as the British have decided there’s no non-preposterous way to classify a movie that is apparently solely focused on a guy who wants to hump a human centipede and maybe poop on it. And, let’s be fa…

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