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The Celeb Bikini Tweet: Who Gives a Sh*t?

The Celeb Bikini Tweet: Who Gives a Sh*t?

This week, the Internet was abuzz over Demi Moore tweeting an out-of-focus picture of herself in a bikini. Not to be outdone, another old bag named Lisa Rinna followed suit, tweeting out a pic of her nearly fifty-year-old ass to anyone who cared to…

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Rebecca Simonsson


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Rebecca Simonsson is the Editor-In-Chief Of Sweden’s popular Improveme.se.  And since she’s also ridiculously hot, she models as well, being the perfect poster child for the beautiful Swedish gir…

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The Force Is Kind Of Weird With This One


Claudia Jordan


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Claudia Jordan is what you would call "attractive."  Starting as a Barker’s Beauty on The Price Is Right, she’s modeled for countless magazines and returned to her game show roots in Ho…

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This Is A Girl In A Bikini


Oh, Hi. I Have Enormous Boobs.


Alice Greczyn


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Alice Greczyn is an extremely hot actress whose a regular on several TV Shows and most recently the Girls of Sex Drive that comes out today.  Keep an eye on this chick.   Pointless Quote: "They end…

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I Really Need To Get A Pool


Marlene Favela


  Where you’ve seen her: Marlene Favela is a Mexican actress and model who studied at the prestigious "Centro de Educacion Artistica de Televisa" in Mexico City. Which doesn’t sound prestigious at all. It kind of sounds l…

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Some People Like Almond Joy. But I Prefer Mounds.


This Is A Very Good Outfit


I Hope This Photo Was Taken At Sears