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13 Revealing Bikinis That Would Get You Kicked Out of a Public Pool


The best bikinis are the ones that are barely bikinis at all — but instead strategically-placed pieces of cloth designed to keep ladies from straight-up violating public decency laws.

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What Are Her Panties Saying? (Besides “No”)


Women say a lot with their underwear. Unfortunately, they say a lot with their mouths, too. KIDDING! Back to the underpants. If you’re not familiar with women’s underwear, this guide is meant to help you out. All of us Holy Taco writers…

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Girls In Bikinis Reading Lines From The Big Lebowski

Girls In Bikinis Reading Lines From The Big Lebowski

  The title of this post sums it all up for you. Why are you still reading this? Seriously, stop reading and click the damn video. What are you waiting for? I’m not going to unzip your pants for you. Oh, also…The dude abides.  …

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This Looks Like It Could Be Fun


Can I Be Next?