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Topless Model Sophie Dalzell Thinks Her Boobs “Are More Important Than the Law,” Turns Out to Be Right


It’s like this chick is actively trying to steal the title of “World’s Worst Female” away from Farrah Abraham.

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25 Photos of Alissa Bourne — Model, Actress, Blonde Bombshell


“I’ve never been in love, but lust and I are pretty well acquainted.”

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When Boobs Go Bad


Any man on Earth with an interest in boobs (gay guys, go have a smoothie) can confirm that, at some point in time, in a conversation with a woman, you’ll be challenged with the spurious and confused notion that men just love boobs.

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A Factual Explanation of Fat Tuesday


Today is Mardis Gras Day, or “Fat Tuesday” in case you didn’t know. That’s the holiday about boobs. At least, that’s how most people know of it. There’s also donuts involved in some cultures. That sounds perfect.…

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Men Think About Sex 18 Times A Day, Says Study; Not Every Seven Seconds

The Thinker_Boobs

You know that absurd statistic about how men think about sex “every seven seconds”? You know, the stat you’ve been hearing about your entire life but have never once had sourced, or have seen any official documentation about? Well, it turns out it …

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Argentina’s Dancing with the Stars Responds to the Nancy Grace Nip Slip


You may have heard that Argentina’s Bailando por un Sueño is a slightly racier version of Dancing with the Stars but the basic idea is the same – famous person dances. What you may not have known is that it’s toe-tapping good hal…

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Holy Taco Breaks Up with Girls

farewell card

Listen, we need to talk. The last few years have been awesome, they really have. We had good times. Remember when we thought up the name “Taco Belle?” That was clever. Cuz like, it’s Belle as in beauty or whatever, but it’s also like the restaur…

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4 People I Encountered At The Renaissance Fair


This past weekend I did something I swore I would never do: attend a renaissance fair. I always assumed renaissance fairs would be filled with uber-nerds standing around in costumes eating turkey legs while discussing the horrible crimes committed …

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The Evolution Of Desperation Porn (Possibly NSFW)


Remember being young and having an uncontrollable urge to see a woman naked but no access to real pornography? You’d search through catalogs and magazines, or even the home medical books, just so your imagination didn’t have to work so …

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Holy Taco’s Guide To Improving Your Online Dating Profile (For Guys)

Neti Pot

Holy Taco always has your back. You know that, right? Well, listen. Online dating is kind of the “thing” now so you better know how to use it properly. Obviously, since this website is littered with boobs and tazer videos, this guide is…

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Awful Souvenirs


Someone you know went somewhere and bought you something shitty! Smile and take it!

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