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Three Movie Premises With Even Worse Pseudoscience than “Lucy”


No matter how good Lucy’s story is, and no matter how soothing Morgan Freeman’s voice may be, it all falls apart because the basic premise (we only use 10% of our brains!) is total bullshit. The writers, producers, and director have to k…

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25 of the Most Disgusting Foods in the World

ox penis

Often times, when people discuss food that they find unappealing, they’ll mention strange dishes from far off lands and other people will defend them as not being disgusting, but just being from a different culture. That only applies when th…

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Zombie Dennis Hopper


We couldn’t resist. Now we will spend the rest of the weekend preparing for who number three will be…we’re looking at you Lohan.   Danielle Fornarelli Is Really Fun To Look At (BarstoolSports)   I Wish This Was Real (At…

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Yes We Can…Eat Brains