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The Failed and Forgotten Acting Career of John Wilkes Booth


John Wilkes Booth was a famous and talented actor for a few years back in the 1860′s, and then he broke his leg and just disappeared. Nobody seems to care about his fame, fortune, or scene-stealing Shakespearean performances anymore, and for t…

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Celebrity To Do Lists


What the heck do celebrities do all day anyway?

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Celebrity Cook Off’s Rejected Team List


OH MY GOOD FREAKING GOD! If you’re like me, you’re still sitting in a puddle of your own excited fluids after last night’s intense premiere of Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook Off. Season one featured luminaries like Coolio and Joey Fatone but this s…

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The Day I Met Shaggy


I’d woken up late that cold, Monday morning. It was already 11, my alarm had forsaken me and left me to fail unmercifully all my day’s tasks. And fail I could not! For on this day I was to be off to a fabulous press junket where I would be able to…

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The Day I Met Nicolas Cage


If you’ve followed my writing closely in the past, and you have for fear of punishment, then you are aware I have brushes with celebrities the same way hobos have brushes with sanity – those stark, unpredictable moments when sense almost creeps into…

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Betty White: A Celebrity You Can Trust


A recent poll has named Betty White the most trusted celebrity! Her public image is so positive, the very presence of her actually makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside! Now it’s only a matter of time before she ends up as a spokesperson fo…

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25 Crazy Celebrity Portrait Tattoos

redd foxx

Portrait tattoos are a mixed bag, usually a bag of different kinds of crap. But if you need to have another human’s face plastered across your body, why not go for a celebrity? Another thanks to BME and the various artists who help people e…

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Humanitarian Taco: Amanda Bynes’s Dog Is Missing


Srsly Guyz, if you have some semblance of a normal life and you don’t scour celebrity gossip websites twelve hours a day, or follow Amanda Bynes on twitter like we do, then this will be news to you: Amanda Bynes’s dog is missing! The or…

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Holy Taco’s Lessons In How To Be a Modern Gentleman

Tom Ford

World renowned fashion designer and filmmaker, Tom Ford, recently issued these five mandates for those who want to live like modern gentlemen. While we do respect Mr. Ford’s opinions and his desire to make the rest of us bourgeois, we find hi…

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MTV’s Teen Moms Love Making Permanent Mistakes, Like Having Babies and Getting Bad Tattoos


The young ladies on MTV’s “Teen Mom” series are clearly not fit for serious decision making. Let’s just disregard the choices they make when considering who’s genetics they think they should pass on. And let’s ig…

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Celebrities Tweet About President Mubarak’s Resignation


Today the free world celebrates along with our Egyptian brothers and sisters, as they have voiced their displeasure with a tyrannical government…and they have won. We watched history unfold before our very eyes, and we all took part in watching fre…

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