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Inner Monologue of a Single Guy at the Grocery Store

Inner Monologue of a Single Guy at the Grocery Store

Okay, it’s Monday night.  Most of the people going grocery shopping on a Monday night are single, and I don’t think I’m the only one that understands this.  You can also go shopping on Thursday night if you’re singl…

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Yeah, It’s Big. Now Put It In Your Mouth Already, Hot Chick.


The Ring is on Her RIGHT Hand…Right?


Get Some Pictures for Your Walls. Geeze.


Cool, Now We’re Both Standing Behind Some Wood.


How Do You Take It Off?


The Evolution of Sluts

The Evolution of Sluts

Everyone knows that all girls are not sluts.  In fact, sometimes the best girls are not explicitely slutty in any way.  But even if you happen to be dating one of these not-slutty-but-still-awesome girls, chances are you still like watchin…

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They Mate For Life


Megan Fox And Her Legs (TheDailyFix)   Cairn Ashley Is HOT [nsfw] (GorillaMask)   Buxom Ball Girls (Coed)   Man And A Bitchy Girl (EvilChili)   Why People Take Harry Potter Too Seriously (Cracked)   The Scariest Mask Lady Ev…

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Nothing Like a Hot Chick Close to Your Meat




Yeah, Just Push Them Up as Much as You Can.


Fishnets, Cleavage, AND Upskirt? Today is a Good Day.