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Mantyhose Are Real And You’re Going To Wear Them


What are mantyhose? They’re exactly what they sound like, bro. They’re pantyhose for men. Not like gay men or trannies (though, I guess the pantyhose they were could be considered pantyhose for men.) “Mantyhose” are pantyhose…

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Getting Into Your Pants: The Holy Taco Pants Guide


Research tells us that you, Holy Taco reader, are likely wearing pants. In fact, 67% of you wear pants when you read our site. OR DO YOU?!?! You do. But are they really pants? Or are they trousers? Or some other leg-embracing textile we don’t…

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25 People Who Fail at Dressing Themselves

obama dress

If you’ve been in public before you’ve probably run afoul of at least one bonehead who looks like they drink varnish before getting dressed. Well, it’s an epidemic. Look at these knuckleheads.

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Introducing “1791: The Original Blueprint”: Glenn Beck’s New Clothing Line

pilgrims dancing

You’ve all demanded it, and now you’re going to get it! Conservative firebrand and now former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck will be starting his own clothing line called 1791: The Original Blueprint. “That’s when the Bill of Rights happen…

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