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How to Cook Rice to Perfection

pot o rice

Not everyone has mastered the art of cooking rice. If you know how already it seems stupid someone should be told, but everyone has to have a first time, know what I’m saying? Yeah, you know. You know I’m talking about rice. So here’s a handy gu…

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The Morning Jolt: Almond Fire


If I ever end up squatting on an almond farm, I am totally going to cook so many tiny portions of Ramen noodles.

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How to Cook A Placenta


For the past couple of days the internet has been abuzz with placenta talk. For the love of all that is good and pure in this world, I don’t know why. (Although, it may having something to do with this). But people have been searching it and that m…

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7 Badass Ways to Do Every Day Things Faster

Faster The Movie

Faster is the way of the world, man. Back in the 80’s it was cool to take the bus and wait till you were at home to make phone calls but in the here and now we need everything right away. We need to tweet the news as it happens and make Osama jok…

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25 Babes In The Kitchen


 Happy Thanksgiving!  

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Slightly Hotter Than Julia Childs


These Dogs Can Cook Better Than You

These Dogs Can Cook Better Than You

  It would probably break some sort of FDA and FCC regulations, but I don’t care, The Food Network really needs to give these guys a show. They aren’t nearly as hairy as Emeril, so maybe it would work out after all.   Other Cr…

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